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Need a local Palatine, IL Concrete Raising or Replacement Contractor?

If you haven’t seen our trucks around Palatine, you probably aren’t looking hard enough. We are the concrete contractor of choice for many Palatine homeowners who are looking for quality concrete replacement and raising services. You can find us working in such neighborhoods as Winston Park, Pleasant Hill, Cherrybrook, Heatherstone and Hunting Ridge. Whether it’s replacing a driveway or raising a sunken patio, we have completed hundreds of projects throughout Palatine and are looking forward to completing many more!

Palatine Concrete Construction and Raising Company

Our Concrete Raising & Replacement Services Include:

Palatine has become a desirable place to raise a family and plant roots. With its historic downtown, endless community events and award winning schools it’s no surprise close to 80,000 people have decided to settle in Palatine. Like many desirable middle-class suburbs, Palatine residents like to invest in their properties. This could explain why we have completed so many concrete replacement and raising projects here. Residents have come to appreciate our customer-centric approach to home improvement. Our family business has proudly served this family-friendly community for many years and we look forward to continuing providing quality concrete construction and raising services for many years to come.

Palatine Concrete Raising, Lifting, Leveling, and Repair Company

With many Palatine subdivisions built over previous wetlands and the rapid construction and “loose” building codes of the 60s-70s has led to many homes to experience sinking concrete. Doesn’t take long to notice a sunken driveway or walkway when driving through a neighborhood. The good news is we have an effective and affordable repair solution!

The Preferred Alternative to Mudjacking

Our technology for lifting and stabilizing settled concrete is the best method available. Traditionally, mudjacking has been the only way to raise sunken concrete. While this method does work, it does have many drawbacks to can lead to future settling to occur. Catalano Concrete raises concrete utilizes polyurethane to raise sunken concrete, known as PolyJacking. This process has been used for many years in DOT applications, today quality contractors such as us are using it for residential and commercial applications because of its lightweight, strength, and durability it has become the preferred method when correcting sunk concrete. If your Palatine home or business has sunken concrete in need of raising and leveling, give us a call for a free estimate on a permanent solution.

Palatine Concrete Driveway Construction Specialists

Catalano Concrete has installed hundreds of concrete driveways in Palatine. Homeowners know you only get one chance to do it right when you install a new driveway and don’t want to make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced and/or unprofessional contractor who cuts corners. If you are looking to work with a local concrete professional give a call today!



Do I need a permit to replacement my driveway in Palatine?

Yes, the village of Palatine like most villages requires homeowners to obtain a permit before any work can begin.  The good news is that getting a permit for a concrete driveway in Palatine is not too difficult.  Below is the process for obtaining your concrete driveway permit.

  1. You first need to find your plat of survey. This document is required when submitting a concrete driveway, walkway and patio permit.  Make three copies of the survey and highlight the area of your driveway that will be replaced on each copy.
  2. Next, bring your three copies of the plat of survey and a copy of your contract which you should have received from your contractor to the village of Palatine Building Department Office.
  3. If your driveway is getting replaced at the same size with no changes, you should be able to get an express permit which means it should get approved the same day. Palatine is one of a few villages that does this.  It’s great!  If you are making changes or doing more than a driveway, you will need to drop it off and it may take a few weeks for approval. You can download the Palatine Driveway Permit Application Here.
  4. Once you have an approved permit in hand, post it in your front window once your contractor arrives to start your project. A professional concrete contractor should then handle it from there.  The contractor will call in the pre-pour inspection and work with the village on any issues or concerns.
  5. Once your concrete driveway has been poured and the forms removed, you or the contractor can now call in for the final inspection.

Palatine Concrete Driveway Building Codes:

As you compare bids, make sure the concrete contractors listed specifications at a minimum meet the driveway codes below.

  • 5″ thick concrete slab (3500 psi mix), for driveway, public walk, and apron
  • 4″ thick compacted stone base
  • No wire allowed in public walk and apron
  • Check zoning requirements if you are increasing the width of your driveway

Services Include:

  • I cannot explain how happy I am about the job you guys did. Everything was done perfect and left clean. Thank you very much for doing such a good job! My grandmother can’t wait until the weather is nicer so she can have her tea on the new patio.
    Bobby S.

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As a homeowner, property owner, or business owner, it’s essential to know that quality concrete work does more than just look nice, it can have a lasting impact on the value and safety of your property.

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