Brick Paving

Brick Paving

The popularity of pavers have been growing tremendously in recent years and one can see why – they look great! Not only are pavers aesthetically pleasing, they also offer many functional advantages.

Durability – High density, high compressive strength and low absorption rate makes concrete paving stones highly resistant to salt scaling. This also makes paving stones excellent for frequent and heavy loading.

Reusable – If the pavers must be removed in order to correct a pavement problem, or to allow utility installation or repair, the pavers are completely reusable.

Freeze-thaw resistance – Frost damage is virtually nonexistent. The joints between the paver units absorb any movement caused by frost – no cracking!


We proudly install Unilock® products and follow all of the installation guidelines (other brands available upon request). Contact us today for a free estimation and design consultation.

The Construction Process

Keep in mind each project will vary, this is just a general overview.

“There are no shortcuts to a good job.”
-Sal Catalano, Owner

New Brick Pavers for Walkway - Catalano Concrete

Brick Paving

Step 1: Site Preparation

Existing material is removed and hauled away.  Crushed stone is added and compacted in lifts (every 2 inches) to form a solid sub base.  The thickness of sub base will depend on existing soil conditions and application.   A one-inch layer of sand is added on top of the sub-base to create a bed for the pavers to set in.

Step 2: Paver Installation

The pavers are installed according to the desired pattern.  The outer border (soldier course) is then installed and all necessary cuts are made.   After all the pavers are laid the edging is installed to hold everything together.

Step 3: Setting & Locking the Pavers

Course sand is spread on top of the paved surface and swept into all of the joints.  A compactor is then used over the pavers to settle the sand and to set the pavers into the base.

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