Void Filling

Void Filling Service

Concrete structures and slabs such as stoops, porches and concrete floors built over poorly compacted stone or soil can overtime cause voids to appear. Voids in the support base, if not filled correctly, can cause structures and slabs to fail, resulting in cracking, shifting and rocking. These opens spaces can also create ideal living spaces for unwanted critters such as chip monks, mice and skunks.  Bottom line is that voids below concrete can create larger future problems and fortunately there is an economical and easy solution.

Polyurethane Void Filling Process

The process for filling voids is similar to slabjacking.  High-density polyurethane foam injected into voids quickly fills the open space and tightly seals the area. This can be done above the void through an injection port or the foam can be spayed along any open sides. Our void filling process is quick, non-invasive and extremely effective. Contact us today if you looking for a solution to your voids.

Benefits of Polyurethane Void Filling

  • Extremely lightweight material will not overburden an already sinking base.
  • Expanding foam effectively fills tight open spaces
  • Water proof material will not shrink or wash away over time
  • Fast and easy process will not interfere with surrounding area