Patio Raising

Raising a Sunken Patio

A sunken patio that is not properly directing rainwater away from your home can create major problems to your foundation and basement. Chicago homeowners can easily solve this problem and repair their sunken patio with our advanced Polyjacking concrete raising method.

Our Polyjacking technology is a permanent repair solution. Unlike mudjacking, our material will not wash away or shrink. And our small penny sized injection holes will not leave your patio looking like Swiss cheese. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Concrete Patio Repair Job - Catalano Concrete

Patio Repair Process:

It begins with small holes that are strategically drilled into your patio. Unlike mudjacking, that requires larger and more holes, the high flowability of our material means we need less and smaller holes. This is especially important if you have a stamped patio that you want to keep beautiful. Once the holes are drilled, the high-density foam is then injection below the patio slab. The two-part polymer expands and fills the open voids and stabilizes weak soil. Once the patio has been raised to its original position the holes are filled with grout. Your patio is like new again!

Before and After Photo of Patio Concrete Raising Project in Illinois - Catalano Concrete

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