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Sinking Concrete: Causes and Prevention

February 5th, 2018  /  Concrete 101, FAQs
What Causes Concrete to Sink? Concrete is a wonderful building material. It’s durable, strong, easy to produce and economical.   Which is why it’s the most commonly used building material in the world for pavements. And as you know, concrete can crack, chip, crumble and sink. In this post, I’m going…

Lifting a Dropped Driveway in Arlington Heights IL

January 9th, 2018  /  Uncategorized
Problem: Sunken Driveway In a perfect world all soil around the perimeter of your home would be well compacted and never settle.  Well of course that's never the case (we would be out of business if it was).  Such was the case at this Arlington Heights home.  Extreme settling in…

Buffalo Grove Public Walkway Raising & Leveling

January 9th, 2018  /  Uncategorized
Problem: Sunken concrete public walkways  create a dangerous situation for residents and a major liability for municipalities. As was the case for the Village of Buffalo Grove who received  a report concerning a woman who tripped on a sunken public walkway.  The Village Engineer did not ignore the report and…

Long Grove Nature Preserve Bridge Repair

January 9th, 2018  /  Project Profile
Problem: The Long Grove IL Nature Preserve had a unique problem.  Deep inside the beautiful forest sits a small bridge.  The concrete approach that connects the bridge deck to the ground sunk.  Because of its location, replacement was not a viable option since getting heavy equipment and concrete deep into…

Raising a Sunken Walkway in St Charles IL

January 9th, 2018  /  Project Profile
Problem: A few days before Halloween this St Charles homeowner wanted to know if we can fix their sunken front walk, hoping to prevent any accidents on Halloween night.  Of course we can!  As you can see from the picture below the walkway is in great shape except for the…