Our Story

Our Story

In Search of The American Dream

It was 1972 and Sal Catalano decided to leave his small Sicilian village in hopes of finding better opportunities. Arriving in Chicago with one suitcase and no education or understanding of the language, Sal settled on the city’s northwest side. After days spent in hot factories building such things as Radio Flyer wagons, Zenith televisions and even Solo cups, Sal realized he wasn’t going to attain the American Dream he envisioned by working in a factory.

A friend told him about working in the concrete trade. While growing up in Italy, Sal spent time working construction to bring in some extra money for the family. In Italy, all the homes are built out of concrete and all tradesmen have an understanding of working with the material. This is why many Italian immigrants ended up in concrete and masonry trades. Sal liked working with his hands and enjoyed being outside, so he left the factory life to work as a union concrete apprentice. After a few years, he became a journeyman finisher and was able to earn himself a livable wage, purchase a home and start a family. The American Dream started to become his reality.

Catalano Concrete is Formed

Sal quickly became known as a hard worker who always demanded the job be done right. He was respected by his peers and loved by company owners. On the weekends, he made extra money installing concrete patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Word spread about his quality work, as more and more jobs started to pour in. Sal enjoyed the benefits and security his union job offered, but he knew the only way to reach his true American Dream was to take a risk and start his own business.

Sal took advantage of the opportunities his new country offered and started his own concrete construction company. With an old pick-up truck, some tools and a lot of hard work, along with the help of his family, Catalano Concrete Construction was born. He didn’t know anything about running a business, but he knew that if you do the best work you can for a fair price and treat customers with respect, his business would succeed. He was right. His customers knew he was a man of his word that truly cared about doing quality concrete work.

Concrete Raising Division is Introduced

In 2012 Sal and his son Pete noticed there was a need for quality concrete raising services in the Chicago area suburbs.  They were not happy with the current mudjacking companies in the area and went out to find a more effective method for raising sunken concrete. After 2 years of research, they determined polyurethane slabjacking a.k.a. Polyjacking, has many advantages over mudjacking and is the preferred method for lifting slabs.  They quickly added Polyjacking to their service offerings and were one of the first in the Chicago area to offer such a service.

Today and Beyond

Today,  the Catalano family is building a successful business the only way they know how – with integrity, passion and lots of hard work. They are not striving to be the largest concrete contractor in Illinois,  just one of the best.

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