Brick Paving

The popularity of pavers have been growing tremendously in recent years and one can see why – they look great!  Not only are pavers aesthetically pleasing, they also offer many functional advantages.

Durability - High density, high compressive strength and low absorption rate makes concrete paving stones highly resistant to salt scaling.  This also makes paving stones excellent for frequent and heavy loading.

Reusable - If the pavers must be removed in order to correct a pavement problem, or to allow utility installation or repair, the pavers are completely reusable.

Freeze-thaw resistance - Frost damage is virtually nonexistent. The joints between the paver units absorb any movement caused by frost - no cracking!

We proudly install Unilock® products and follow all of the installation guidelines (other brands available upon request).   Contact us today for a free estimation and design consultation.

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