Sidewalk Raising

Raising Sunken Sidewalks & Walkways

A sunken sidewalk is not just an eyesore but also creates unsafe trip hazards that will expose you to unnecessary risk.   Chicago area homes and businesses can easily get their sidewalks beautiful and safe again without needing costly replacement.  Our sidewalk raising method is a cost effective option that will get your sidewalks level with less mess and less hassle than replacment.  Our Polyjacking process is quick and clean, with minimal disruption and the sidewalk can be immediately put back into use.  Avoid trip-and-fall lawsuits and give us a call for a free estimate.



How We Repair Sunken Sidewalks:

Unlike mudjacking, small, nearly unnoticeable, 5/8” inch sized holes are drilled into each sidewalk section; usually just one or two per section are needed.  Then the concrete raising technician carefully injects the two-part polymer into each hole, creating expanding high-density foam below the sidewalk which will fill open voids, stabilize weak soil and lift each sidewalk section back to where is belongs. Once each sidewalk section has been perfectly raised, leveled and stabilized, the small holes are patched tight.  The sidewalk is now beautiful again and your liability is gone.

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