Garage Floor Raising

Raising and Leveling Your Sunken Garage Floor

Sunken garage floors are not only unattractive, but also can be an invitation for small animals to enter your garage if a gap forms where the door meets the concrete.  Regardless of the age of home, if the base below your garage floor was not properly installed or if water is entering around the foundation, sinking and settling can occur.

Catalano Concrete can lift your garage floor back to its intended level.  Our advanced polyurethane approach to raising and leveling garage floors, known as Ployjacking, will last longer and be less visible than mudjacking. Best of all, our process usually can be done without you needing to remove everything from your garage.  Contact us today and lets get your garage floor back to normal.



Our Garage Floor Repair Process:

Our professional concrete lifting technicians will arrive and drill small penny sized holes into your sunken garage floor.  Then our two-part polymer is carefully sprayed into each hole, creating expanding high-density foam, which will fill open voids and stabilized week soil below your garage floor.  Once your garage floor has been carefully raised, leveled and stabilized, the small holes are patched tight.  Unlike mudjacking, the garage can be used right after we leave and the repair is nearly invisible.

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