Driveway Raising

Raise and level your sunken concrete driveway with Polyjacking

Tired of that bump when driving into your garage?  Driveway sinking and settling is a common problem most Chicago area homeowners either live with or end-up replacing the whole driveway to solve, which can be costly.  Catalano Concrete can raise, level and stabilize your driveway with our state-of-the-art Polyjacking concrete raising system saving you money and time. 

Schedule a free estimate and let our concrete raising crew lift your driveway back to where it belongs.  Our advanced repair method is a permanent repair solution and will not wash away or shrink like traditional mudjacking.  Best of all, our small penny sized injection holes make it nearly invisible when complete, unlike the many unsightly pop can sized holes mudjacking requires.



Our Driveway Repair Process:

Our professional concrete raising crew will arrive and drill a few small penny sized holes into your sunken driveway sections.  Then our two-part polymer is carefully injected into each hole, creating expanding high-density foam, which will fill open voids below your driveway and lift the slab back to its original level. Once your driveway has been perfectly raised, leveled and stabilized, the small holes are patched tight.  The driveway is now ready for use - bump free!  Your cars suspension and pocket book are now happy!

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"I would definitely recommend Catalano Concrete  to anyone! Definitely 5 stars and then some!!!" -Dianne, Schaumburg

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