Concrete Raising FAQ

When does it make sense to raise my concrete rather than replace it?

Raising concrete can be a fantastic alternative to replacing concrete. If your concrete walkway, driveway, patio or floor is still structurally sound (no major cracks, spalling, scaling) and has just settled, then raising may be the most cost effective option.  This is especially true if you only have a small section that needs to be repaired, since many concrete contractors will not do small jobs and then raising may be the only option.  Also, raising concrete is a very quick and hassle free process compared to replacement – most projects are completed in around 1-2 hours.



What makes polyurethane injection (polyjacking) better than mudjacking?

The use of polyurethane to raise concrete and stabilize soil has many advantages compared traditional mudjacking which uses cement and sand.  Below are just a few benefits:

  • Longevity – Polyurethane will not shrink or breakdown over time
  • Looks – smaller and less injections holes are needed.
  • Performance –Extremely light compared to sand/cement and very effective at filling open voids



Do I need to be home for an estimate or when the work is being done?

No.  Concrete raising is a pretty straightforward project.  Just let us know the area you are looking to raise and our estimator we come by and leave you the quote. 

This is also the case for when the work is being done, except if the area is inside such as a garage floor.  Our crew will complete the work and the invoice will then be sent to you.


What causes concrete to sink?

Here are some of the most common reasons concrete slabs sink:

  • Gravel base was never compacted properly during construction
  • Concrete was built over soil that was once back-filled (such as around a foundation or pipe trench) and soil has now settled
  • Water is draining or pooling around edge of slab which can cause the base to wash away over time
  • Cracks and gaps in the concrete allow water to seep below the slab and cause seasonal frost heaving which can create voids.

How can I prevent my concrete from sinking again after it has been raised?

The most important thing you can do is to fill all the cracks and gaps in your concrete where the settling occurred.  A polyurethane crack sealer sold in caulk tubes is the best way to do this.  Also equally important is to fill the area along the edges of your concrete with soil in order to prevent water from washing away the base.  See video


Do you offer discounts if another neighbor also wants work done?

Yes!  If we can save drive time you can save money.  Look around your neighborhood to find others with the same concrete issues (shouldn’t be hard) and see if they want to team up to save some money.


I need a quote quickly.  Do you always need to visit the site?

No.  If the project is straightforward we just need some information and we can email the quote in a day or so to you without having to visit the property. Checkout our online estimate page to get started.    

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