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Polyjacking! - The best alternative to replacing or mudjacking sunken concrete.

Tired of tripping over your sidewalk? Have a speed bump where your driveway meets your garage? Patio pitched towards your home causing water damage to your foundation and basement?  Is your sunken garage floor causing water to pond? Polyjacking, also referred to as concrete leveling, concrete raising, concrete lifting or slab jacking is the process of injecting high density polyurethane below a sunken concrete slab causing it to return to it’s intended position.  Polyjacking is the new alternative to traditional mudjacking with a number of added benefits.  The economics, aesthetics, performance and convenience of polyjacking makes it the preferred choice for raising and leveling concrete.

Polyjacking Advantages:

Polyjacking is usually 50%-70% less than concrete replacement


Drastically smaller holes are needed compared to mudjacking, making it almost unnoticeable when completed.


More effective at filling open voids and stabilizing weak soil than mudjacking. Also, the polyurethane material will not shrink or wash away like mudjacking.  Additionally, polyurethane is extremely light which means it will not burden the base with additional weight, unlike the heavy grout used with mudjacking.


Much less downtime for customer compared to replacement or mudjacking and less cumbersome and cleaner process.

Our Polyjacking concrete raising system is the most advanced method available on the market to permanently correct sunken concrete! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Chicago Concrete Raising and Leveling Experts

We can raise and level sunken concrete using the most advanced method for half the cost of replacement. Catalano Concrete proudly serves the greater Chicago area and suburbs, your local concrete raising and leveling professionals from Buffalo Grove to Naperville, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Hoffman Estates to Lombard and Wheaton, Downers Grove and St Charles.

Our Polyjacking concrete raising system is the quick, clean and cost effective way for homeowners, business owners and property managers to:

  • Remove trip hazards from your driveway and sidewalk
  • Level garage, basement, warehouse and office floors
  • Fix unsafe and uneven stairs, stoops and porches
  • Correct sunken patios
  • Get your walkways safe and level again

        The Polyjacking Process 

        Our state-of-the-art Polyjacking concrete raising process is the most advanced and effective way to raise and level concrete.  It can be done quickly (usually less than an hour) with minimal disruption to surrounding area and concrete can be used minutes after we leave.

        It begins with our trained professional estimator visiting the site, taking measurements and leaving a detailed estimate.  This can be done without needing to be home, unless it’s an interior slab. 

        Drill: Once our crew arrives, small 5/8” penny size holes are strategically drilled into your sunken slab.  Any dust that is created is quickly vacuumed away.

        Pump: After the small holes are drilled, our technician then carefully injections a two part liquid polymer into each hole.  The material is stored in our trailer and pumped through a heated hose and then discharges through our specialized spray gun.  The two-part liquid turns into expanding foam once mixed below the slab. The expanding polyurethane foam quickly fills open voids, stabilizes weak soil and lifts the slab.  The technician carefully monitors the process to insure a perfect lift.

        Patch: Once all the concrete slabs have been fully lifted, leveled and stabilized, the technician then fills each small hole with grout to ensure a tight seal.  Your concrete is now back to where it should be and ready for use!

        Polyjacking vs. Mudjacking
        While mudjacking is an older process for raising concrete, it does have it's weakness. When researching the best method for raising concrete we and many other contractors  have discovered that Polyjacking concrete raising is less invasive, permanent, cleaner and faster when compared to mudjacking.  Read below to learn why more and more homeowners and property managers are using Polyjacking to raise and level their sunken concrete.

        Less Noticeable...

        Smaller Injection Holes!  A key benefit many property owners love about using polyurethane to repair concrete compared to mudjacking are the smaller holes that are required.  Our polyurethane method only requires 5/8” holes (the size of a penny) compared to 1”-2” size holes needed for mudjacking.  Our process produces a nearly invisible end result.  This is especially important when repairing decorative stamped concrete

        Less Holes! Our polyurethane foam needs less holes to be drilled in your concrete for a cleaner look compared to mudjacking. Because polyurethane foam is spayed below the slab as highly pressurized liquid, we can cover a larger area from each injection port. The foam can flow and expand from 4 to 15 feet from each injection port. Since mudjacking uses a heavy slurry, only 1-2 feet can be covered below the slab from each hole.  This means more holes are needed to raise and level concrete when using mudjacking.    Those who prefer their concrete to not look like Swiss cheese after it's raised prefer using our polyurethane method.


        Permanent Repair...

        Light weight!  Mudjacking uses a grout made of sand, cement and water.  On average this can weight around 100lbs per cubic foot.  This heavy material can put more burden on an already weak base which can cause future settling to occur. Polyurethane on the other hand only weighs 2lbs per cubic foot.  Which means our lightweight material will put much less (about 50 times less!) weight on your base which deceases the chance of future settling when compared to mudjacking.


        Longer Lasting Material!  Our polyurethane material is made from recycled, environmentally safe materials and becomes an inert, high-density solid material minutes after it’s injected and will forever keeps its shape and strength.  Mudjacking on the other hand is made from water, sand and cement, which means it can shrink, wash away and can be susceptible to moisture and erosion.


        Cleaner & Faster Process...

        Cleaner!  Our material is contained in our specialized trailer, it is then pumped to each injection port through a hose.  That’s it!  Unlike mud jacking, there is no need for heavy equipment to be used on your property and messy grout spills to be cleaned. Also, since our holes are so small, there is less dust created compared to mudjacking.  Of course any dust that we do create is quickly vacuumed up!

        Faster!  Once the polyurethane is pumped in it only needs 15 minutes to cure before it’s ready for cars to drive over the concrete.  No need to wait days to get your car back in your garage, which is the case with mudjacking.  Business owners can also allow customers and employees to use the area immediately after we leave.

        Raising Concrete vs. Replacing Concrete
        We decided to add concrete raising services to our service offerings because we knew there was a better way to repair concrete slabs that have sunk due to a failed base.  Many of our customers were spending money replacing structurally sound concrete that just needed to be raised. After a year of research, we decided to offer our customers the most effective alternative to replacement.  Below are the reasons why concrete raising may be a better choice for repairing sunken concrete.

        • Cheaper!  Raising concrete is normally around 50% to 70% less than having it replaced!
        • Faster! Our raising process can be competed in 30-60minutes compared to days with replacement.
        • Easier! No need for permits, inspections, and all the noise, dust and other things that are part of concrete construction.
        • Greener!  If are trying to do your part to minimize your environmental foot-print, than raising your concrete rather than replacing it is one way to do it. Our polyurethane is made from recycled materials. 

        Of course not all concrete can be raised.  If there are many structural cracks, than replacement might be the only option.  Set-up a free estimate and evaluation to learn which option is best for you!


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