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Catalano Concrete is a licensed Algonquin concrete contractor.  We offer Algonquin residents concrete construction and repair services.  Looking to have your Algonquin driveway replaced or your sunken concrete raised and leveled ? We have the expertise and resources to exceed your expectations.

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»Concrete Driveways
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»Concrete Raising & Leveling
Our PolyJacking system is the most effective method for raising sunken concrete.  Unlike mudjacking, our high density polyurethane injection will not shrink or breakdown over time.  The hole size needed is also smaller.  Learn more!

Are you an Algonquin resident who is tired of seal coating your asphalt driveway?  Looking to invest in a new concrete driveway?  Give us a call for a free driveway estimate.

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The Gem of the Fox River Valley, Algonquin IL is a community with a rich history and a promising future.  What was once a farming community and quasi-resort town for people looking to escape the city life from Chicago, Algonquin is now a thriving regional hub.  Located 40 miles from the loop covering both Kane and McHenry counties.  Just in the past 10 years Algonquin has seen an increase in population of over 10,000 residents.  Algonquin’s charming downtown district and collection of well built sub-divisions such as: High Hills Farms, Fieldcrest Farms, Falcon Ridge, Dawson Mill, Willoughby Farms and Arbor Hills has made Algonquin an ideal community to purchase a home and raise a family.

Downtown Algonquin

As a concrete contractor, Algonquin is one of our favorite communities to work in. Algonquin residents have a shared sense of pride in their community and see the value in investing in their homes and appreciate our high quality work and award winning service.  Many of the asphalt driveways that were originally installed by builders are now reaching the end of their service life. Many Algonquin residents are now investing in more durable, longer lasting and more appealing concrete driveways.  


Algonquin Concrete Driveway
What are the village requirements for a new concrete driveway in Algonquin?

All homeowners building a new concrete driveway in Algonquin are required to obtain a permit and have the work inspected before concrete is poured and after the job is complete.  Of course if you hire Catalano Concrete we can take care of obtaining the permit and scheduling all inspections with the village of Algonquin.  Before you hire a concrete contractor, make sure the minimum specifications below according to the village of Algonquin are listed on your contract.

Algonquin concrete driveways are required to have 4” of compacted base (stone) and 4” of concrete. 6”x 6” #10 welded wire fabric shall be placed in the top ? of concrete driveways. 

Driveway Approach Widths - Residential:

The width of the concrete driveway approach in Algonquin shall be no less than what is listed below:

1-car garage:
10’ wide measured at sidewalk or property line and 15’ wide measured at curb or edge of street pavement.

2-car garage:
20’ wide measured at sidewalk or property line and 28’ wide measured at curb or edge of street pavement.

3-car garage:
30’ wide measured at sidewalk or property line and 35’ wide measured at curb or edge of street pavement.

Algonquin concrete driveway approaches shall be 6” of concrete and be reinforced with 6”x 6” #10 welded wire fabric and (2) #4 reinforcing bars 24” long across the corners. For more information, contact the village of Algonquin located at 2200 Harnish Drive, Algonquin IL.

For complete information download pdf below:

Algonquin Concrete Permit Handout.pdf
165.8 KB


When Algonquin residents chose to hire Catalano Concrete, they can be confident they hired true concrete professionals.  Your Algonquin driveway is more than a piece of pavement to your home, it's an investment.  We unsure your Algonquin concrete driveway is built to last and is usually built beyond the village of Algonquin building code.   We use high strength 4000 psi concrete with clean aggregates, water reducer and steel and fiber reinforcement.   Once the concrete has been finished by our experienced concrete craftsman, we can seal it to prolong it's life. The construction process is all supervised under the watchful eye of owner Sal Catalano.

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